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We were asked to go on the ABC Gruen show for The Pitch segment where two agencies create an idea to a speculative brief. Ours was to convince Australians that it's better  to win bronze than Gold at the Rio Olympics - a hard task considering how myopic the whole country can become when it comes to sport.


But then we discovered Australia spent in excess of $377 million dollars on Olympic sports whilst at the same time the razor was being taken to programmes designed to help those in our society that need it the most; like homelessness or victims of domestic violence. To us that says our priorities may be a little skewed, so we created Gold has its price. Let’s go for bronze.

We unanimously won the vote of the judges, but more importantly it got people thinking and talking. On social media the spot got over 640,000 views, was shared in excess of 9,500 times, had sparked over 630 comments with had a reach of over 1,000,000 on social media.

Not bad for a spot that ran once on the public broadcaster.


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